Shark Shades will help you find more sharks teeth on the beach 

My 10 year old son asked if we could make glasses that could help us find more sharks teeth, and how about that.... we did it!

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How were Shark Shades born?

My 10 year old son loves to find sharks teeth at the beach. Last year, he said, "Dad, we need to make glasses that can help us find sharks teeth, wouldn't that be great?" Since I am an ophthalmologist, I thought to myself "Geez, that should be in my wheelhouse," so we set out to see if it could be done. We tested all sorts of things like polarizations, different tints, lens coatings, etc, and we have done it! We were able to create lenses that soften the background shell beds and make the black color of the sharks teeth really stand out, which makes it significantly easier to find sharks teeth on the beach. For our first trip to the beach with our newly made Shark Shades, we went to Hilton Head Island, and together we found 473 sharks teeth. I am really proud of my son, and we are really proud of these glasses. Try them out, you won't be disappointed!

Shark Shades:

These are the first, and only, glasses that are designed specifically to help you find more sharks teeth on the beach. You will be surprised what you have been missing.

Shark Shades really work!

We know they will work for you, too!

Ultra-Cool Case

All great glasses deserve a great case, and this Shark design is perfect for your Shark Shades!

Shark Shades

Wrap Around Design

The wrap-around design of your Shark Shades will keep unwanted glare to a minimum.

Proprietary Lens Tint

Our tint is like magic. It almost erases the background noise, and makes the sharks teeth pop out at you.