The proprietary tint in Shark Shades will make the sharks teeth "POP" out at you on the beach

“Visual search” is the process of scanning the environment for a specific object or feature. This is a task that requires focus and attention, and can be achieved with or without active eye movement. To optimize your ability to find sharks teeth, you need to focus on unique visual features (color, shape) that will stand out against the background “distractors”. Typically, sharks teeth are most likely to be located in groups of shell beds, as they get washed up onto the shore with all of the other shells. The other shells are the “distractors”, and the color of the other shells, or the shell beds, are typically something other than black – mostly orange. The first thing that you should focus on as your search image, is the color black. As you scan the shell beds, or the beach as your are walking, you can stop to focus on anything that is the correct color. Most sharks teeth on the beach will be black, so just start with that color in mind. Then, as you identify a black object, the next step is to focus on the shape. For sharks teeth, typically the shape will be roughly triangular, so if your black object on the beach is roughly triangular, then it is time to bend down, pick it up, and determine if it is actually a sharks tooth. The reason that Shark Shades are so effective, is that the proprietary tint in the lenses will effectively neutralize the “distractors”, and the black color that you are looking for will just “pop” out at you. The first step of the search process is significantly more efficient with Shark Shades. This allows you to focus on mostly shape or just fine detail. This may sound like a small detail, but just like anything else in life, if you use the right tools, your job can become easier. If you use this methodology, and you start using Shark Shades, you will optimize your ability to find the sharks teeth, and the more sharks teeth you find, the more fun you will have!


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